Become a NFCI Partner

School partnerships give students an insight into another way of life. By working together on joint projects, students can gain a greater appreciation of cultural diversity and global issues such as migration, sustainability and conflict. Partnerships provide greater perspective and build worldwide connections. Located in the heart of Niagara region, at the border between Canada and United States, NFCI’s location is an advantage that other institutions do not have.

Develop a shared vision

NFCI takes great pride to develop mutually beneficial partnership programs from across the globe to ensure the best for students. We believe that a number of common elements need to be encountered to make partnerships successful. These include:

  • Student satisfaction and need
  • Program affinity between institutions
  • A shared vision of executive heads and presidents
  • Mutual respect between the professoriate at both institutions
  • Clearly defined articulation agreements.

We welcome any new partnership inquiries to establish partnerships with businesses both domestically and across the border.

For further partnership inquiries, please contact us.