The following are the guiding principles for Assessment and Evaluation at NFCI:
  • The primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning
  • Communication about assessment and evaluation is ongoing, clear and meaningful to both the student and the parent.
  • Assessment and evaluation practices are fair and equitable for all students
  • Students must be actively involved in and responsible for their own learning
  • Evaluation practices by the teacher are regularly reviewed and refined

Evaluation Method

  • Final grades are calculated based on students’ performance on the final exam as well as their understanding of course material over the length of the course
  • Final exam is worth 30%, units tests and assignments (e.g. projects, presentation, etc.) are worth 60%, and 10% consists of assessment while learning (in-class work)
  • Student’s achievement of the overall curriculum expectations will be evaluated in accordance with the achievement charts in the provincial curriculum and will be reported using percentage marks
  • Students should be able to focus on learning consistently throughout the course

Online Progress Report System (O.R.A.S)

NFCI’s online report card system O.R.A.S, is unique among private schools in Canada. It provides parents with up-to-date information about their children’s conduct and progress at school. It is designed to connect parents, students and teachers on one online platform, offering 24/7 access, allowing for example, parents to stay informed about their child’s academic activities and social development. 

Report cards include:
  • The courses their children are registered in 
  • Daily class attendance reports
  • Reports on child’s conduct in school 
  • Progress Reports
  • Mid-Term Grades
  • Final Grades
  • Calendar of school and class events
  • Class assignments
  • Updated and comments from teachers