Exclusive Learning Plan

The Exclusive Learning Plan helps students take full advantage of the learning experience available in our school. With smaller student-teacher ratio, NFCI teachers get to know each student and their academic needs, closely working with them to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses.  

The advantages of the Exclusive Learning Plan are multiple:

Student solidarity

Students develop deep and lasting relationships with the other students around them. This allows students to work closely together not only on a personal social level, but also academically, where they are more inclined to study together and provide peer support  with difficult assignments and other course related tasks. 

 tailored instruction

In our smaller classes, the  gap between the top student and the bottom student in the class isn’t generally so far apart, because the teacher can work with each student to ensure they receive the attention they need to achieve their target results. 

Time to focus

In a classroom with fewer students, discipline issues are usually not a big concern. At NFCI, students are more attentive, spending more time focusing on the subject matter being taught. Teachers also give individual feedback to ensure a better understanding of work done and grades achieved.