Extra Curricular Activities


While academic success is the top priority at NFCI, learning does not only take place inside a classroom. Students are encouraged to expand their experiences and partake in a multitude of activities, clubs and committees to develop a variety of transferable skills. Whether it be achieving good grades, meeting new friends, scoring a touchdown, getting a lead role in a school play, or improving leadership skills, we encourage students to approach any activity with  an open mind. Student life at NFCI takes place in an engaging and nurturing environment and is founded upon strong friendships that are formed among housemates, classmates, and teammates.

Students have many opportunities to develop their skills and interests through involvement in a variety of student clubs. Meet new people with similar interests, build friendships, and have fun!


Our arts program at NFCI encompasses each of the creative forms of artistic expression, including painting, music, poetry, film, photography, contemporary art, and others. In line with our philosophy of educating the person as a whole, our fine arts program fulfills the key role in developing the sense of culture, creativity, and informed perception in our students.


Athletics plays an integral part in the development of students from grade school to post-secondary education. Athletics contributes to a sound body and healthy mind, as well as to the development of individual character and to the learning of commitment, discipline, and teamwork. From varsity sports to simple campus recreation, our goal is to provide the best program to improve the health and lifestyles of our students and staff while bolstering the school spirit.

Field trips

All year long, NFCI offers a great variety of cultural, linguistic and fun activities outside the campus. Students visit many different attractions, museums, festivals and participate in cultural exchange activities with the local community:

Most Popular Trips
  • Shakespeare in theater
  • Ripley’s Aquarium
  • The Winter Festival of Lights
  • McFarland House
  • ROM
  • Jade Temple
  • Old Fort Erie
  • AGO
  • Farmer Markets
  • Peach festival
  • Great Mountain Ginseng Farms
  • Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory
  • White Water Walk 
  • Hockey Hall of Fame

NFCI has an important role in the local community of Niagara Falls region and southern Ontario. Interacting with the regional actors i.e. schools, clubs, societies, local centers and associations, is a perfect way to discover Canada and the Canadian way of life, learn from other cultures and become a citizen of the world that surrounds us.

Here is a list of cultural activities undertaken by NFCI
  • Culinary exchange experience
  • Chinese New Year festivities
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Linguistic exchange