Niagara Falls lies 1.5 hours south of Toronto across Lake Ontario, right on the border of the United States.  As Canada’s top post-card city, Niagara Falls offers great access to several major cities in both Canada and the United States.

    • 111 km from Toronto, multiple U.S. crossings
    • Urban centres such as Toronto, Hamilton, Buffalo, and Rochester are located within a 160 km radius
    • Windsor, London, Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh are less than 460 km away
  • New York City is less than 726 km away


NFCI is situated in a friendly, established residential community. The surrounding population consists mainly of local Canadian families. Away from all the distractions found in metropolises, students can focus better in school, and learn about the Canadian culture in a safe environment.


The large 17800 m² campus features a modern school building equipped with a full complement of facilities, providing a supportive and stimulating environment for students with different needs and competency.

EDUCATION:          Science Lab (isolated glass demo platform), Computer Lab, Library, Greenhouse
ATHLETICS:            Outdoor Soccer/Baseball Field, Indoor Basketball Court/Gyma, Fitness Centre
RECREATION:        Foosball, Table Tennis, Various Classes/Clubs (Chess, Dance, Yoga…)