Guardianship Program

NFCI requires that each international student under 18 years old has a Guardian while enrolled at the school. The Guardian is legally responsible for the student while they are in Canada, acts as a support system for them, and as a contact for the school in case of emergencies.

The family of an international boarding student may identify their own Guardian, who must be English-speaking, a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident over the age of 21 years, and must reside within Ontario.

For students who do not have a self-designated Guardian, NFCI can provide suitable guardians (including teachers and staff) for the duration of their scholarship with us.

Guardians are welcome at all NFCI functions and events that are open to parents and family members.

For further information or any inquiries, please contact us.

*Please note that students must identify a guardian and complete a Custodianship Declaration Form when applying for a student visa.