Student Mentoring Program

Research has shown that high school students can be powerful and effective mentors to younger children with an equally powerful impact for them. At NFCI, we offer personal and academic growth to our students by matching volunteer mentors with younger students.  The Student Mentoring Program improves self-esteem, social responsibility, problem solving strategies and communication skills. In many situations students develop cultural sensitivity.

All grade 12 students are able to complete a volunteering program of 40 hours to help grade 9, 10, 11 students in a supervised setting for one hour a week engaging in reading, homework and leisure activities. Programs can run for a semester or a full school year.

Our students come away feeling they really do have something to offer – that they can make a difference. Mentoring offers an opportunity for them to be responsible role-models and develop positive citizenship.” – Scott Headrick, Principal

Benefits of  the Student Mentoring Program at NFCI

  • Promotes healthy and positive relationships between mentees and mentors
  • Mentoring activities promote literacy skills, self-esteem, confidence and social skills.
  • Supports strength-based practices that build resiliency.
  • Volunteering program up to 40 hours

Benefits for NFCI Student Mentors

  • Increase high school completion rates
  • Improve attitudes about staying in school
  • Enhance academic motivation and achievement
  • Improve social skills and behaviour
  • Improve resiliency
  • Strengthen peer, school and family relationships
  • Increase sense of belonging in the NFCI community