Academic Support and Guidance

At NFCI, we recognize that each student is a unique individual with different learning styles and academic needs. Our staff is dedicated to providing extended learning support to help students reach their full potential. Through tutorials, workshops, individual counselling sessions, and a variety of other resources, we empower students to gain the knowledge, appreciation, and experience that are necessary to making informed decisions regarding short- and long-term academic and career goals.

Academic Support

The smaller class sizes at NFCI enable teachers to consistently monitor students’ progress and modify lesson plans as necessary to suit students’ needs. Additional after-class study groups, tutorials, and individual appointments are available to help further clarify any course content, consolidate students’ knowledge, enhance their understanding, and lead to an improved academic performance.

Focusing on Academic Skills

Mastering  essential academic skills enhances performance excellence across subject areas, levels of education, and career fields. NFCI provides workshops, after-class study groups, and individual counselling, which are customized to suit each student’s needs and learning style, to help students develop and improve on the following areas:

  • Note taking for reading and during class
  • Test and assignment preparation and writing
  • Oral presentation and communication skills
  • Time management and overcoming procrastination
  • Critical thinking, reading, and writing
  • Improving memory and concentration
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Goal setting  and improving self-motivation and self-efficacy